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York Minster 

We have recently completed 3 separate installations within the Minster itself.

You can watch a short video here

The Orb is part of The York Minster Revealed project which is a five-year project scheduled for completion in early summer 2016. It is the largest restoration and conservation project of its kind in the UK. The cost of the whole York Minster Revealed Project is £20 million, of which £10.5m has been generously supported with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).
The remainder of the fund has been raised by York Minster.

State-of-the-art multi-media galleries, new displays of historic collections and interactive interpretations will create new learning opportunities for all ages. Also improved access to the South Transept, Undercroft, Treasury and Crypt will totally transform the experience of visiting York Minster.

While window restoration is carried out a selection of panels are on display. The public can see close up what before was only visible to those on scaffolding closest to the glass.
The York Minster site is

Front view of the York Orb 

Mather & Co made the structure of the Orb and we made all the stained glass support and lighting equipment.

Orb front LHS

One additional feature is in the central display, where the stained glass is changed every month. As every panel is a different size, the display system had to be modified to handle every dimension possible.

Install 2

A couple of photos from the installation day.

Orb install 1

 As with all these display systems, the support frames are not really visible. They are intended to support and protect and conserve the stained glass but are not intended to stand out.
Quite hard to photograph!

Stained Glass Panel

Wall installation front NRHS

A second panel is mounted on display separately showing how the stained glass was made.

Wall installation front RHS

This is a detail of the Undercroft frame being made. It has to have facilities to allow dehumidifying crystals to be placed in the interior base. These need changing frequently without disturbing the stained glass itself so special access has been designed into the construction. Computer controlled monitoring is also part of the design brief.

Detail undercroft frame

In place and mounted upright in the undercroft.

Undercroft stained glass system

A view inside the lighting system, showing the installed sensor which reads
the humidity and environmental data. This data is transmitted to a monitoring
computer by the data logger, located behind the system.
The whole unit is sealed so the stained glass has an inner environment seperate
from the potentially damp ambient surroundings.

Inside the lighting system