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The Different Systems Available

Gone are the days where you had to build a false wall 2 feet thick to mount striplights behind. Sure there are ways to even do it yourself with wood and LED bulbs. But if you are just after a solution with the quality and efficiency of a professional team, we would be happy to answer any questions.

There are quite a few variations in the storage and display systems which we have designed and manufactured over the years.

Some have been designed for particular requirements of a job or a client's needs. Others have evolved from the advances in lighting technology and our own desire to keep ahead with design improvements.

They fall into two main categories:-

  • Stained Glass that requires a supporting frame so it can be stored, displayed simply or housed to permit safer travel. 
  • Stained Glass that needs a slender discrete display system, probably whilst in a protective supporting frame as well. 

The basic support and storage frame

Here is an example of a storage frame. It is made from light and strong aluminium alloy section, powder coated in an approved inert paint finish in a colour of your choice. (Usually semi gloss matt black)

   Seen below is a simple storage/display frame with the glass being installed by staff from York Glaziers Trust.  

Basic storage frame

This is a frame at the V&A about to be put into long term storage

Standard frame

Every frame is made to fit precisely the stained glass dimensions. For a thick panel the frame is made deeper to accommodate the thickness. For a delicately leaded panel, the front visible edge is made shallower to allow the maximum amount of glass to be visible while still supporting the panel. Saddle bars can be incorporated in front or inside the frame depending on preference, though in most cases the saddle bars are superfluous. The installed panel is well supported, can have protective and supportive Perspex, Macrolon, toughened or laminated glass or be left without.

The corners are assembled from custom made stainless assemblies which are pneumatically riveted in place and are each capable of holdng a quarter of a tonne in weight. We do not use engineering adhesives or welding techniques as these introduce side effects like stresses and distortion and are never as secure as our own system. Each corner assembly introduces a slight inner tension on the sides to maintain a precise, perfectly formed strong joint.

Trefoil shapes and for example circular panels can use these frames as we will supply precisely fitting infills to cover the areas that are not directly framed.

This is a classic example below.

A basic frame with infills in the studio light

      On display the infills become hard to notice as the beaty of the glass becomes the primary focus.

Infill frames

The shaped support and storage frame

Similar to the basic frame but the entire frame is custom made to fit the shape of the Stained Glass panel.

More complex to make but striking on display.

Here are some examples...

shaped frame


 Shaped Frame (Courtesy Sherrie Eatman V&A Museum)

The basic support and storage frame with storage hangers

Easily added to the outside of the frame, the storage hangers allow the glass in frame to be rack stored for space efficiency. These racks are designed to store paintings but can do equally well with a framed Stained Glass panel.

    These photos are from Glasgow where Senior Conservator Marie Stumpff has     pioneered their introduction. Framed panels can thus be stored and yet be       examined by students in situ. If they need to be removed from storage for further research, the Stained Glass stays in its frame and is integral to the
safety of the panel.

Frame hangers

In a racking system

In a racking system

Closeup of frame hanger

The  support and storage frame in lighting unit

Take any or all of these storage systems and we can illuminate. The most popular is the full presentation system where the Stained Glass is primarily framed for its protection and then mounted in a lighting unit purpose made and very shallow and unobtrusive. You can see many examples on this website but here are a few, with protective glass and without. Our LED systems are very effective and offer dimmable lighting and low power consumption.

York display

Closeup in York Art Gallery showing face mounted protective glass

Floor mounted as wall is not strong

Other options.....

Additionally, we have done displays of mosaic panels, enamel signs
(street furniture), computer monitored panels with dehumidifier panels, dust and weather resistant frames etc. etc.

There probably isn't a system we cannot offer or a Stained Glass requirement we are unable to fulfil.

You just need to get in touch - we truly love to hear from you.