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St Mungos Museum - Glasgow

 We spent almost a year designing and making the support frames for this stained glass.
The panels were sourced from various long gone churches.

The building

These windows were tight to the walls and the glass tight to 1mm tolerance on the frames.

We had to make the large strong solid brass structures that the existing stained glass were fitted into. We were working with a tolerance of at most 1mm on the whole height.
The heavy "T" sections were bent using equipment found in the shipyards of Tyneside, tooling designed to bend steel for battleships. Today these yards are gone - we would need a different approach now.

If you are in Glasgow and have time to visit it is a fascinating museum with artefacts from every religion and faith. We worked hard to bring this project home on time and on budget - a great achievement.

Some closeup detail showing the 2" x 1 1/2" broass section.