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Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

The hospital is located in East Putney, London and their website is here.

The Stained Glass was commissioned to specially for this small chapel in London's Royal Hospital
for Neuro-disability. This is difficult to scale as the fixtures were not completed when this image was taken. But they stand at over 7ft high with the addition of legs to support the weight.

Chapel installation a

We would not normally fit legs to the lighting units but the walls were a very
light structure and building regulations restricted methods of fixing. 
Typically, a few wall plug fastenings are more than sufficient to support the weight of the
alloy lighting system and the Stained Glass.

Chapel installation b

Notice how the glass has a style and appearance with
the lighting off, but comes alive with it turned on.

Chapel installation c

The design and construction of the stained glass was truly excellent.
The artist and craftsman is Biddy Bunzl who's work can be seen on her website HERE